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What are Safety Gloves Used For?

  1. Chemicals and Biohazards
    Whenever there are chemicals being handled there’s the risk of a chemical burn or other injuries.

With biohazards, all that it takes is one touch to start a chain reaction where infections spread like wildfire. Chemical- and biohazard-resistant gloves form a complete barrier around your hands.

These styles of glove block out harmful substances to reduce the likelihood that you’ll experience injury or cross-contaminate your workplace.

Protective materials used to make our best chemical-resistant gloves include:

Chemstop™ neoprene
Cryogenic-resistant cowhide

  1. Cuts, Punctures, and Abrasion Hazards
    There are hardly any industries where cuts, abrasion hazards, and punctures aren’t a risk.

From oil field workers to cell phone tower riggers, mechanics to doctors, sheet metal and glass handlers, nurses, and employees in numerous other industries require reliable protection against these workplace hazards.

To address this, our selection of work gloves ranges from the thinnest disposable gloves to the most heavy-duty, cut-resistant work gloves — so that no matter what industry you’re in, we have the gloves you need to stay safe.

Looking for reliable cut protection? Depending on what the job entails and the level of cut protection you need, you’ll want to choose gloves made with either Kevlar®, Dyneema®, or gloves made from a combination of these and other cut-resistant materials.

Need protection against fine puncture threats? Our Punkban™ products are your best bet.

Depending on the severity of the abrasion hazards in your workplace, our leather work gloves are an excellent choice.

Note: Since these types of hazards cover such a large range, if you’re unsure which work gloves are best for you and your workplace conditions, the best thing to do is to contact one of our glove experts directly for helpful advice and recommendations.

  1. Impact Injuries:
    Swinging a hammer on a job site, moving heavy objects, or working in a mechanics garage are just a few situations that put hands at risk of impact injuries.

Any job where your hands might be crushed or hit by tools, equipment, or supplies requires reliable, impact-resistant work gloves.

Instead of allowing the impacts to bear down on one part of your hand or on individual fingers, these gloves soften the blow and prevent injuries by absorbing some of the impact and dispersing the rest of it away from your hands.

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